iELD Coaching

EL Student Classroom Observation

Just like a third-base coach watches from the sideline to view the whole field for the professional player at play, coaching gives you the opportunity to enlist a third-base coach for your classroom.

Schedule a time to have the EL Curriculum Specialist come observe the English learners in your class. She will provide a classroom observation based on how the students engaged in the learning along with resources tailored to the learning community you have designed.


To gain insight into resources that may help make content more accessible for English learners based on the structure and style of instruction within the classroom.


EL Curriculum Specialist will observe newcomer or newcomer groups in classrooms as they engage in daily activities and record support resources applicable to connecting the newcomer/newcomer group with the learning. Resources will be specific to the classroom community, personalized to the structure and style the teacher has developed.


Teacher-facing resources will be shared with the teacher, separate from the individual student-facing feedback.

To schedule, contact Joann Phillips, EL Curriculum Specialist, at