Why Try?

Why Try? Digital Handout

Why Try? digital handouts are created for all English Learners. This handout will include ELPAC scores, TELL assessment data, NWEA results, and grades.  

All students will receive a Why Try? digital handout with their specific reclassification data via email the end of next week.

They can search for an email with the subject line: Do you want to reclassify? Also EL coordinators have access to all the digital handouts.

If you are interested in using these with your current ALD class, we have created both a 4-minute informational video (also included in the email to each student) and a slide deck (linked below) that you can share with students. Additionally, we have added the Pear Deck goal setting slide deck that you are welcome to use to guide your students in setting goals for the next step in their reclassification journey.

Why Try? Sample.pdf