Initial ELPAC Testing

Initial ELPAC Testing Protocol

Who takes the Initial ELPAC? 

Any student who has a Home Language Survey (HLS) that has a language other than English as the answers for questions 1-3 


 has never attended a California school. 

Before a student can take the Initial ELPAC, the student must:

Camila Kcomt (Assessment Technician) will contact EL Coordinators and APs when students from their school site are ready to take the Initial ELPAC. Testing must be done in person at the student’s school site. 

School Sites, please coordinate:

INC Department will provide:

Important:  California State mandates that Initial ELPAC Testing must occur within 30 calendar days of a student’s enrollment date or GUHSD is held out of compliance

If you have any questions in regards to Initial ELPAC Testing for newcomer EL students, please contact Camila Kcomt ( or Rebeca McMillian (