Benchmark Assessments

This test is a dELD benchmark assessment that helps chart each student's English learning path. Students will take a beginning of year (BOY) and end of year (EOY) test that are approximately 60-75 minutes as well as up to 3 progress monitoring assessments about 45-60 minutes. (See schedule for dates. 

ALD Assessment Calendar

TELL Benchmark 2 Testing window will be open October 23 - November 17. 

Check your rosters at least 2 days before you plan to test. For the fastest assistance, if you need a student added, email BOTH Camila Kcomt and Joann Phillips, with the students name, ID, and ALD period.

Additionally, ETS has worked hard to update and reimage the ipads to troubleshoot reported issues. Here is a list of updates:

Email if you have any questions. Happy testing!

Ensure the test is paused.

Order Printed Reports

If you would like student reports printed, book a date here. Choose a date AFTER the TELL benchmark will be completed in your periods.  NOTE: It will take 2-3 days to receive printing AFTER the date requested as it will be sent district mail. Please plan accordingly. Our hope is to make the reports available to you soon after your period(s) complete the assessment to have the opportunity for more timely discussions about results and next steps.

How to Print Tickets

This is a baseline assessment to give both you and students clear direction for language learning focus.

Please check your rosters and print your testing tickets (see gif). 

If you need to add any students to your roster, email Camila Kcomt and Joann Phillips with the student name, ID, and ALD period. Note we will only add students not remove them. If you have a testing ticket for a student who is no longer in your course, just dispose of it.

Here is the TELL Quick Guide to help with your setup, troubleshooting, and calendaring.


TELL Quick Guide: Setup, Troubleshooting, Calendar

This two-day mini-unit has been designed as a repeating mini-unit to be used with the TELL benchmark assessments. The unit will guide students in goal setting and progress tracking along their language acquisition journey throughout the school year.