Benchmark Assessments

This test is a dELD benchmark assessment that helps chart each student's English learning path. Students will take a beginning of year (BOY) and end of year (EOY) test that are approximately 60-75 minutes as well as up to 3 progress monitoring assessments about 45-60 minutes. (See schedule for dates. )

This assessment is used as a benchmark assessment given 4-5 times throughout the year.

Goals for TELL testing are to:

FOR GUHSD teachers ONLY, instructional videos and written directions below are available as reference. Please rewatch them as needed.

TELL Session Setup & Assessment Calendar

Session Creation

Run Time: 7.5 minutes

Video Chapters
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EL Assessments Calendar

Print Testing Tickets

How to Print Tickets

This is a baseline assessment to give both you and students clear direction for language learning focus.

Please check your rosters and print your testing tickets (see gif). 

If you need to add any students to your roster, email Camila Kcomt with the student name, ID, and ALD period. Note we will only add students not remove them. If you have a testing ticket for a student who is no longer in your course, just dispose of it.

TELL Walkthrough: Video Tutorial Library

dELD300 Student-Facing Overview

Student-Facing Overview

Run Time: 8 minutes

Table of Contents



dELD300 Teacher-Facing Overview

Teacher-Facing Overview

Run Time: 11.5 minutes

Table of Contents



dELD300 Reporting

Data with a Purpose

Run Time: 9 minutes

Table of Contents


TELL Quick Guide: Setup & Troubleshooting

Ensure the test is paused.

TELL Goal Setting Mini-Unit

This two-day mini-unit has been designed as a repeating mini-unit to be used with the TELL benchmark assessments. The unit will guide students in goal setting and progress tracking along their language acquisition journey throughout the school year.

TELL Score Breakdown