Our dELD Community

Supporting Language Acquisition through Connection

Welcome to our 2020-21 designated ELD community. The purpose of this blog is to create a community for teachers at all sites to explore best practices as we teach designated ELD. Each week I will be reaching out to see how everything is working for you. Send me your questions, clarifications, utter outrage, complete confusion, AND most of all your successes. In the words of Walter Payton:

We are stronger TOGETHER than we are alone.

September 19: Paper Tutorial Unit

As many of you know, Paper is a new resource available to all students. This resource offers a great opportunity to have dELD students negotiate 1:1 with a tutor in an academic language setting. Here is a Paper Tutorial Unit for you to use in your ALD to begin the conversation.

September 9: TELL Reports Delivered...What's Your Language Goal?

Great news! TELL Reports are here. We will be delivering the reports today, Friday, and Monday to site coordinators. We encourage to you to take some time with your students to review the report and develop personal language learning goals. You can use the mini-unit or design your own discussion. Included on beneath the mini-unit on the website is the TELL Score Breakdown with ELPAC Connection.

We have been fortunate to have Assessment run a correlation study between TELL and ELPAC with our data from last year. They found a strong correlation between the TELL and ELPAC scores at .714. Therefore, this initial TELL score can be foundational in developing language this year for students.

September 2: TELL End...Reports Coming Soon

Thank you all for your hard work ensuring your students tested this first benchmark. This year went much smoother than last year. This benchmark can be used as the baseline for learning and establishing language growth goals with students. Therefore, per many of your requests, this year we will print in color the parent report for all of your students and deliver it to sites. The parent report (see sample pictures) is a 2-page report with each domain is graphed and a brief explanation of skill for each score is given. As additional benchmarks are completed, students will see their progress. We expect to be delivering by Wednesday, September 21. Here is the link to the Goal Writing Mini-Unit if you would like to use it to guide your discussions.

August 17: TELL Window NOW Live

TELL Benchmark 1, Beginning of the Year Test, is open August 17 until September 2. This is a mandatory benchmark. This test will take 50-70 minutes so if your classes will need more than 1 period to complete the test, remember to record students' iPad numbers so that they can continue their test the following period. They MUST use the same iPad to complete the test. Also to avoid other students accidentally completing a test from a prior period have students stop their test at the end of a section (when the test goes back to David for new directions) and turn off the iPad by pressing the top button for 5-10 seconds. When new students are given the iPad, remind them that they MUST log in with their testing ticket. If their test just begins, they are taking someone else's test!

Here is the TELL Quick Guide to help with your setup, troubleshooting, and calendaring. Also use the quick 8-step job aide below to guide you in printing your testing tickets.


  • Check your rosters at least one day before testing. Contact Camila Kcomt via email to make changes.

  • Contact coordinators if you need additional headphones.

  • Use the TELL Quick Guide if you have questions first.

July 29: Back-To-School Professional Learning Options

Happy beginning to the 2022/23 school year and welcome to (or back to) the district-wide designated ELD team.

If you are scheduled to teach one or more periods of Designated ELD (ALD) in the upcoming school year and would like help preparing for teaching ALD, we are offering two dELD 110 course options before school. Come for a refresher on available resources, see what's new, and collaborate with colleagues. (NOTE: those who are new to teaching ALD are required to attend.)

  1. In person on Tuesday, August 2, 12-3pm at the Mollison Complex Classroom C

    1. Pay: Curriculum Writing

    2. Register here

  1. In person on Tuesday, August 9, 8-11am at the Mollison Complex Classroom C

    1. Pay: Daily rate if you have chosen to work the optional day. Please see your principal’s secretary to confirm.

    2. Register here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Joann Phillips, EL Curriculum Specialist and teacher support provider.